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Futomaki Sake


Futomaki is a traditional thick sushi roll typically filled with vegetables and sometimes include cooked fish like unagi. They’re known for their beautiful presentation and well-balanced flavor.

  • 3 fillings.
  • Sushi rice.
  • Cooked unagi (fresh water eel) or anago (salt water eel)
  • Sakura Denbu (Seasoned Codfish Flakes)
  • Cooked fish or shellfish is paired with a vegetable.
  • Pickled daikon, avocado, cucumber or carrots.
  • Tamagoyaki / Dashimaki Tamago
  • Simmered Kanpyo (gourd strips)

8 pieces/roll’s pr. order!

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Makizusi, often shortened to “maki”, is the all-encompassing term for sushi rolls: these have been rolled into long cylinders using a bamboo mat, then sliced into discs, usually around one or two inches thick.

There are four different styles of maki: hosomaki,  futomaki, uramaki and temaki. With the exception of uramaki, most of these sushi rolls are wrapped in nori seaweed, although soy wrappers, paper-thin omelette or translucent slices of cucumber are sometimes used too.

Futomaki means “fat roll” and is thicker than hosomaki. It is usually made with several ingredients and cut into bite-sized pieces and it’s usually bigger than hosomaki, as it contains two or three fillings, rather than just one. Often raw fish or shellfish is paired with a vegetable, such as pickled daikon, avocado, cucumber or carrots. Pastes can also be used as a filling, such as smoked mackerel.


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